The Skyton Group renter certification process is designed to assist prospective renters, who are currently residing in a NYC shelter and experiencing a difficult time in navigating the open rental market, to obtain a suitable private room/ apartment.   We pre-­screen our pool of prospective renters to ensure that we are placing tenants who are both qualified and a suitable fit for each apartment. Landlords are often wary of applicants who appear to have no savings or are completely dependent on governmental assistance. Therefore, we thoroughly prepare our clients for the rental process, from start to finish, to ensure that they appear as strong rental candidates, and so that we can match them with apartments quickly. Our certification process includes: guidance in completing the rental application, presentation tips, financial documentation, in-­‐person interview coaching, etc. Once the client is deemed to have met our renter ­certification criteria, apartment viewings will be scheduled and arranged on their behalf.

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